April 12

Sing a Song

Alphabet Monster

I'm the Alphabet Monster
And nothing tastes better
To the Alphabet Monster
Than eating every letter.
A "j" and an "a"
And a "c" and a "k"
And the million more letters
I munch every day.
I'm hungry now.
What shall I do?
I think I'll eat a "y,” an "o," and a "u"
. . . . . . that means YOU!


Sesame Street: Sing the Alphabet Song!

Try This

Write out each letter of the alphabet. Cut them out in squares and tape them around the house. Call out a letter for your child to find until they are all gone!

Read a Book

Here are two book recommendations for today. Check out the picture book collection at your local library, where there are lots of books to choose from! Find nearby libraries

  • The Construction Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta; illustrated by Rob Bolster
  • LMNO Peas by Keith Baker

Explore More

See the April Activity Calendar for many more fun, educational activities you and your child can do anytime!